Created out of love…

…the love I have for my dogs Snoopy and Gracie and my 3 cats Tabitha, Moon, and Sky. Snoopy inspired the bowls after many long walks and needing a drink of water that wouldn’t cut our walk short.

I used to carry a bottle of water with me and pour a little in my hand for Snoopy to drink. The water would drip between my fingers, spill on the ground and go to waste, leaving Snoopy thirsty and me with an empty water bottle. I found other collapsible bowls, but I wanted something cuter for my baby Snoopy, so I started sewing things for her myself. And that’s how it all started!

Now we have really cute mats to protect car seats and furniture, tote bags to keep organized with, and even t-shirts. Thank you so much for stopping by. Please take a minute to look around.