Remy absolutely LOVES his portable food and water bowls!!! He uses on every trip to the park.

Sabrina (Remy’s mommy)

(ps. not the dog sabrina, the human)

Remy using his doggy baby towel to be nice and dry!!! He hates baths!! 😛

Sabrina (Remy’s mommy)

You would never have known it was there.

The Doggy Baby bowl folds so flat that you can stick it in your pocket and it’s not bulky or in the way.

This is a small pocket without any real purpose until now. The bowl folds away when not in use so it’s perfect for a trip to the park or a car ride. Then quickly opens up when it’s time for a drink or a snack.

Very convenient and very cute too!

Kinda 007, huh?

Food and Water for the baby
Bisquit loves to eat and drink out of her Doggy Baby bowls. Bisquit is an original Doggy Baby and won’t let you forget it. Here she is having a drink and a snack while hanging out on her deck.

Even though Bisquit has a new baby brother, she still knows she’s the baby. When mom & dad bring out her special pouch with her special bowls, she knows she’s special.

We all need a little extra attention now & then. And Bisquit’s parents know just how to do it!

Thanks Munn family! You are ALL awesome!

This is Sabrina. She is officially a Millionaire Mom dog. Her mommy is a Super lady that has given me tons of guidance.

I don’t know if I would have gotten this far (however far THIS is) in my business without her advice. So, obviously Sabrina gets to try out all the new gear I come up with and then freely models it for me.

Sabrina is a great a great model for Doggy Baby because she has beautiful silky hair (like her mother) and is eager to eat and drink out of the bowls on demand!

Thanks Sabrina! You are loved!

This is Sky enjoying a little sun.

Sky is a wonderful female tuxedo who enjoys the sounds of birds, sitting in the sun, and modeling pet accessories and travel gear.

Here she is modeling with one of the first Kitty Allure collapsible food and water bowls ever made.

She doesn’t let it go to her head

A cool dog deserves a cool drink!

She was actually pretty hot and thirsty after reaching the boat. Being able to quench her thirst and keep my Doggy Baby hydrated and happy is very important to me.

She also has a coordinating collar and towel to match the pouch her bowls are carried in. Soon I’ll have those for sale too.

We take our dog, Lilly, hiking and camping with us all the time. With her new Doggy Baby bowls we had a place to keep her food and water separately. They took up no room in our camping gear and Lilly could finally get to the food in her bowl. In the past we used the fabric dog bowls and Lilly wouldn’t even eat treats out of them because she couldn’t see or get to the food.

These bowls are perfect and we now take them everywhere with her. On long car rides she’s always got food and water. At the beach, by the pool, in the park, at a friend’s house, she’s set. We love our Doggy Baby gear!!